Const Coccinelle


About Me

Hey, I’m AnuragRai aka Const Coccinelle: a 16-year-old Linux geek, audiophile, programmer and system administrator. I enjoy writing cool minimalist *nix utilities and working with low-level os components like kernel, Coreutils, etc.


Reading is one of the things that keeps me from rage-quiting projects.

Books that I would recommend

My Interests

When I’m not busy smashing my head at the keyboard trying to figure out where did I break the code, here are few of the things that I enjoy doing:

Other things that interest me:


According to 16personalities, I am INTP-T.


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Contacting me

I have presence on multiple social media/messaging platforms and I will respond to DMs/mentions as long as you don’t ask to ask and express your intent clearly.

I typically respond fastest to Telegram messages. For traditional email, use [email protected].