Const Coccinelle

CosmicFresh kernel for RMX1821 devices running A11 and above

/ Features /

Supports Realme 3/3i devices
Debug cruft nuked to reduce overall overhead
Using zram backported from mainline:

Uses Sultan’s Simple LMK
Touchscreen driver optimizations
Fingerprint driver optimizations
Scheduler optimizations
Power usage optimizations
Memory management optimizations
Uses SRandom for better perf
Westwood as the default TCP network congestion control
mmap/mremap improvements backported from mainline
Dropped mtk input booster in favour of CIB
CGROUP and FREEZER_V2 backported from mainline
FUSE_SHORTCIRCUIT ported over from oplus for better io perf
vDSO 32 patches to improve 32-bit performance
GPU driver improvements backported from GS101
Use 100hz ticker rate
Jump_label patchset ported from mainline
Affined important services to Big cluster.
And more

Disabled SECCOMP to imrpove syscall speed
Nuked SElinux auditiing

/ Changelog /


Flashing instructions



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